C L I C K  O N  T H E  I M A G E S  T O  I N S T A L L

GooMGC 2.0 advanced Google gamercard plug in, click to install 

This is the new GooMGC 3.0; up to 16 friends, including a marketplace points converter. To add it on your google homepage, just click the image.

Goo360chart 1.0 advanced 

You can add the chart on a different place on your Google Homepage if you install this one and unmark the chart in GooMGC 2.0 or use it as an extra. Click on the image to install.


Click the image to add the Microsoft Marketplace converter to your homepage.


To use this xbox blog gadget make sure you have registrated on for 2 days!
Just click the image to install.

Click here if you want to add the latest news of all the famous xbox newssites on your google homepage (the RSS collection comes from


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  • […] Goo mgc, a cool feature i thought id share Some of you might know about this but i recently found it and have chosen to share it with all of you. if you go to INSTALLATION PAGE GooMGC you can install this thing that goes on your personalized google homepage. After you install it, you can see up to 16 friends and your own gamercards (which include your rep, points ect.). It will also have a chart and a link to another site where you can compare your highscores with any of your other friends. For example, in madden i can check how high i am in the leaderboards compared to other people. Anyways, i hope this is new to most of you and i hope you guys like it. __________________ "Some people are so ungrateful to be alive, but not you… not anymore."-john (saw 2) […]

  • 3. VOS  |  18 November 2006 at 0:49

    I like it a lot! But is there any way this gadget with work on the Side Bar? I see it adds to the Google Desktop but not the sidebar. Thanks

  • 4. Ryan Grier  |  15 December 2006 at 20:46

    Thanks for GooMGC & Goo360Voice! I love these widgets.

  • 5. Mike  |  29 December 2006 at 0:20

    Great app, but anyway to make it load up faster? Takes a good 20 seconds to load up four cards.

  • 6. Daniel  |  30 December 2006 at 0:12

    I love what you have done here but like Mike I would like to see it load a little faster. Cool stuff though.

  • 7. sjpeckey  |  18 January 2007 at 7:19

    I have seemed to have lost my game card pic? any suggestions?

  • 8. emperor799  |  5 June 2007 at 4:29

    Is gamerscore charting gone?


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